1. Victoria Stilwell's Positively www.positively.com

  2. Karen Pryor (clicker training) www.clickertraining.com

  3. Dogmantics www.dogmantics.com

  4. Urban Dawgs reading list http://www.urbandawgs.com/greatbooks.html

  5. Dr. Sophia Yin's training videos http://drsophiayin.com/videos

Training Resources

This is an evolving list of resources that we have found to be tremendously helpful, and have been recommended by the Burritos' trainer (Kara Porto; Train Without Pain) and veterinary behaviorist (Dr. Lore Haug).




Blogs & Newsletters

  1. Nicole Wilde www.wildewmn.wordpress.com

  2. Eileen and Dogs  www.eileenanddogs.com

  3. The Whole Dog Journal www.whole-dog-journal.com

  1. Patricia McConnell PhD www.patriciamcconnell.com

    1. ​At The Other End of the Leash 

    2. Love Has No Age Limit

    3. Leader of the Pack

  2. Sophia Yin DVM MS www.drsophiayin.com

    1. ​How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves

  3. Ian Dunbar PhD

  4. Jean Donaldson

  5. Pat Miller

  6. Kathy Sdao