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  1. Victoria Stilwell's Positively

  2. Karen Pryor (clicker training)

  3. Dogmantics

  4. Urban Dawgs reading list

  5. Dr. Sophia Yin's training videos

Training Resources

This is an evolving list of resources that we have found to be tremendously helpful, and have been recommended by the Burritos' trainer (Kara Porto; Train Without Pain) and veterinary behaviorist (Dr. Lore Haug).




Blogs & Newsletters

  1. Nicole Wilde

  2. Eileen and Dogs

  3. The Whole Dog Journal

  1. Patricia McConnell PhD

    1. ​At The Other End of the Leash 

    2. Love Has No Age Limit

    3. Leader of the Pack

  2. Sophia Yin DVM MS

    1. ​How to Behave So Your Dog Behaves

  3. Ian Dunbar PhD

  4. Jean Donaldson

  5. Pat Miller

  6. Kathy Sdao


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