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Burrito Approved Training Treats, Gear, & Toys...

This is an evolving list of Burrito Approved treats, goodies, and training-related tools that we have talked about on our Instagram & Facebook pages. Click on each item to purchase it from Amazon.


Green tripe 

This is a fantastic 'high value' training reward. The Burritos LOVE it and will do almost anything for it in any setting.

Training tools

Enrichment toys

Stewards beef liver

This is a great mid level treat for training, that is a step above cookies or kibble.


These are small wheat-free cookie treats. They are a low level treat that are perfect for when you don't want to get your hands covered in stink.

Newt's chews antler

Antlers are perfect chews for dogs that need more robust items. They also don't stink or leave a mess.

Nina Ottosson's Interactive slow feeder

This "bowl" is an awesome way to slow down a dog that inhales their food, and make meals a bit more intellectually stimulating..

Kygen slow feeder

This is another great slow feeding "bowl" and is the one Murph uses on a daily basis to slow down his vacuum style inhalation of food.

PetSafe interactive feeders

The Burritos love playing with these. It's important to supervise your dog while they use them because I've found that the moment they get frustrated they carry the toy off and start destroying.

Bison tripe sticks

These are a less gross way to give your dog tripe. The Burritos love them, but not as much as actual canned tripe. They are a great option if you're too wimpy for the ssmell of real tripe.

Training treats

K9 Magic

This is another option for the squeamish, as it smells like salami. You cut it up into tiny pieces and use it as a mid to high value training treat. This has some grains in it.

CAUTION collar

This is perfect for whenever you take your reactive dog out in public. Murph wears it!

Gel pepper spray & Spraysheild

If you need to take a reactive dog somewhere and you're worried about offleash ownerless dogs, this should do the trick and keep everyone safe. The gel makes it so the chemicals won't blow back into your own dog's face. I would only recommend using this in emergency situations. Spray sheild is a less intense type of deterrant. 


This is a solid kennel for a large dog that has a tendency to be an escape artist.

Best Bully Sticks

These are a Burrito favorite. The 12" sticks last up to an hour for Murph, and it's worth spending the extra for the odor free.

Himalayan gold

These are effectively compressed yak's milk. They are quite long lasting and the Burritos love them.


Probably the best training tool ever invented. "Click to Calm" is a great resource for using clicker training to help reactive dogs.

Treat bag

This is a super important and helpful tool for training. 

Clicker training

starter kit


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