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Burrito Wrangling #9

Burrito Wrangling Update # 9: This is the first photo I've taken of them together since the "event"!!! Murph is doing a lot better; he is still giving Mila sideways glances and there's definitely still some tension between them but they are able to be together now when I'm home for longer periods of time. Mila has made major progress in her ability to read Murph and give him space when he's being weird. Yesterday, she had a bone, he wanted it so he walked over and took it. She did an extremely non-threatening submissive head turn (standing still and turning her head completely away) and let him have the bone. I held his collar while this happened (just in case), but nothing happened and they resolved the situation on their own. Battling over toys was what initiated the first event so this was really great to see. For the past few nights, Mila and I have been going to bed with the door open and Murph comes in later when he's comfortable, although they tend to sleep on opposite sides of me. Two nights ago there was a storm and Murph, who is very afraid of thunder, stepped over Mila to sleep on my face so that was the first time they had slept touching since the "event". As to the efficacy of the ADAPTIL collar, it's really hard to say because I have no way of quantifying it, and there are numerous factors at play with respect to Murph's emotional state; however, it does not seems to be hurting so I will continue using it for now.

As an aside, I have been receiving a lot of advice and opinions about training the Burritos, and I wanted to reiterate that we are using +R training only, following the guidance of Train Without Pain. As such, any comments about us "needing Cesar Milan" are completely inappropriate and unnecessary, as his force-based methods have been clearly demonstrated by veterinary behaviorists to be dangerous for reactive dogs, and based upon faulty concepts of wolf and dog behavior. So we would appreciate it if everyone who supports this style of training would keep their opinions to themselves. Special thanks to @trooperandmoe for sending us the awesome "caution" bandanna for Murphy! #burritowrangling

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