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Burrito Wrangling #8

Burrito Wrangling update # 8: So, despite the two dog attack incidents, Murph has been continuing to make progress. I am still giving them tripe (a very high value treat) whenever they "meet" one another after any significant time apart and they both love it. Last night, I had both dogs out in the living room/kitchen with me all evening and Murph voluntarily came and fell asleep on one couch, while Mila was passed out on the other couch about 1 meter away (I walked her 2 miles *after* her play-care so that she was super tired). Murph eventually put himself to bed at around 9 in his crate. Once I had tucked Mila into my bed, I left the door open to the bedroom and about halfway through the night Murph came in and slept with us. He is still occasionally giving her sideways glances and I'm not letting them play freely in the yard yet, but this is huge progress. Mila gives Murph a lot of space now which is good; clearly she is learning to read his signals. And Murph is starting to get his emotions under control. As suggested by our vet, we got an ADAPTIL collar yesterday for Murph, which supposedly releases calming pheromones so I'll let you all know if I see any results. #burritowrangling

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