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Burrito Wrangling #7

Burrito Wrangling Update # 7: I was walking the dogs individually tonight (because Murphy still had some residual stress from yesterday's trip to the vet and his dad returned to Utah). Mila was wonderful, and we worked on some sit/stay training. During his walk, Murph seemed to attract the attention of every single dog on the street; they all barked at him like crazy so he must be exuding some pretty intense pheramones. About halfway through our walk, a man was in his front yard with two 10lb unleashed Boston terrier mixes. They saw us, charged at us from 50ft away at a full sprint. I started yelling at them and dragging a barking anxious Murph in the opposite direction. They ignored me, and with some sort of anti-darwinian death wish, attacked Murphy. Yes - two 10 lb Boston terriers, ATTACKED my dog-reactive 73 lb pit bull terrier. Murph defended himself of course, and had one of the dogs dangling from his mouth as I was screaming at the owner to collect his dogs. Murph dropped the dog and he (she?) and his friend CONTINUED to attack Murphy!! I lifted Bean up by his collar and he had the same dog in his mouth again, and somehow, managed to not do much to him and he dropped him again. The owner finally collected the two lunatic dogs and took them away apologizing. So... a big set back on reducing Murph's stress and making him trust other dogs, but luckily he was fine with Mila when we reentered the house (I had tripe waiting outside the front door), but I've isolated him tonight just in case. #burritowrangling

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