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Burrito Wrangling #6

Burrito Wrangling Update # 6: I'm insanely excited to report that the Burritos played together for the first time since the "event" on Thursday night, and again yesterday! Murphy initiated it, which is great news! We stopped each play event after about 10 minutes just so it didn't get out of control. We are still giving the Burritos tripe whenever they meet after time apart and it seems to be working exceedingly well. Last night, we went to sleep with Mila in the bed and Murph starting out in the crate, but left his crate door and the bedroom door open. After a few hours, he came in and got in bed too!! So all four of us slept together without incident or anxiety!! This really made me happy because my favorite thing in the world is to be smothered by a pile of velvety pit bulls. There are still times when Murph can't deal with Mila and removes himself to the safety of his den (=crate). Mila is much more careful around Murph and seems to be more aware of his moods and when to give him space. So they are still never left together unattended, and Mila will continue to go to daycare during the week for as long as I can afford it. Overall, this is major progress. Murph is adjusting much faster than I was expecting and I now feel more attuned to his state of mind so that I can more appropriately manage the pack to meet both the Burritos emotional needs. Again, we owe everything to Kara @blackcanine Train Train Without Pain and would highly suggest you follow her and hire her to be your trainer if you have high anxiety and/or special needs dogs #burritowrangling

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