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Burrito Wrangling #26

Burrito Wrangling Update # 26: one of the life saving tools I use when the Burritos are particularly riled up or Murph appears to be dangerously anxious is a bully stick. These dog chews are amazingly robust and, depending upon the size, can last up to an hour even for Murph who's an insane destroyer. We were sent a package of 12" jumbo odor free bully sticks from Best Bully Sticks and I can honestly say that their product is the best I have encountered. They are legitimately odor free (even the "odor free" ones sold at WholeFoods smell heinous) and you can touch them and not feel like you need to wash your hands 35x. You can buy them in bulk (which is really good for me) and they are great for the dogs (all protein). What is a bully stick you ask? Yes, it is dried bull penis . But don't be alarmed, they come highly recommended by vets and many humans eat similar items in the US (Rocky Mountain oysters anyone??) and in other countries. Best Bully Sticks has given us a special one-time 15% discount code ('thevelvetburritos' obviously) for you to use if want to try them. The Burritos are obsessed and have to be separated when they get them because some resource guarding will occur. I think you all already know this but raw hide is terrible for dogs, and vets generally don't recommend bones because the small bits they swallow can cut holes in their intestines. Finding longish lasting good chews that they like, and you can use to give them a positive "time out" is hard for bully parents so I give Best Bully Sticks the Velvet Burrito stamp of approval . Considering all this, you should know how insanely challenging it was to get this photo. Murph was not pleased with my request that he "wait", but he begrudgingly complied. Clearly his self control is improving #burritowrangling

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