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Burrito Wrangling #24

Burrito Wrangling Update # 24: We are on our way to see the veterinary behaviorist in Sugar Land, Texas today (!! We've been on the road since 6am (it's a 4.5 hr drive each way) and both dogs are totally content sleeping in the car. I don't think we were supposed to bring Mila, but had no choice since she couldn't be left home alone for an entire day. I'm very excited about this, as we will be able to get a proper behavior evaluation for Murph, make sure his medication levels are appropriate and see if there is anything we should be doing differently in our Burrito-management methods. The appointment is 2.5 hours and is costing us about $600 total (it will be a little over $1k overall for the follow up and post-appointment email consultations ). Vet behaviorists are different than normal vets in that they do their residency (or post-DVM training) specifically focusing on canine (or feline) behavior, similar to what a human psychiatrist would do often getting an MD. From my experience, most general vets have little experience with behavior beyond the basics, so this should be a very informative and hopefully rewarding experience. For those of you that also have fur children that are reactive, high anxiety, or have any other behavior issues, I would highly recommend seeking out a vet behaviorist instead of going directly to a trainer. You can find the closest one to you here: I'll post a follow up later tonight and let you all know what Dr. Haug says!! #burritowrangling

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