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Burrito Wrangling #19

Burrito Wrangling # 19: I'm happy to report that the Burritos are playing like lunatics in both the yard and the bedroom. I keep their contact limited at night, when Murph seems to be the most stressed. This morning I practiced self control with them while wrestling on the bed using treats - I would stop them from playing every minute or so, make them sit for a treat and then let them return to playing. I'm teaching Mila a "with me" command, so that she can effectively heel when I want her to, while walking. I'm also working on the down-stay command because she is not the best at "stay"...loads of puppy craziness. Murph is the master under normal conditions. Also, Murph's weighted vest arrives tomorrow, so he will be able to get a bit more exercise out of his walks since they can't be too long with all out of the control neighborhood dogs.

From Sophia Yin: "Training occurs every time you interact with your dog. Be aware of your every action and, until your dog's good behavior is a habit, be ready to reward desirable behavior as it occurs and remove rewards for undesirable behaviors before they are rewarded." #burritowrangling

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