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Burrito Wrangling #18

Burrito Wrangling Update #18: It has been a week and a half since the Burritos' "event" and they are doing exceptionally well. With the help of Train Without Pain, I have been able to get a clearer understanding of Murph's triggers. Mila is over her kennel cough, and so she's back at playcare during the day; this is a HUGE help because she's super tired when she gets home and doesn't bother Murph. I've also returned to doing work at night in the living room instead of my office (which Murph consider's his "den"). This way they can both be near me without having to be too close to one another. After the "event", I kept them a part for a few days, and then did the whole tripe routine each time they came into contact with one another. Our first reintroduction was in the yard (@adventures_of_gio's mom helped), and both dogs were on a leash (Murph does not have leash-specific aggression). After a few days of this, I would let them both in the yard, with Murph off leash and Mila on a leash so that I could control how much she pestered him. I've slowly increased their contact and we are now at the point where they are out in the house together and remain relaxed. Murph initiated play with Mila for the first time in about a month two days ago, and today they played together both on the bed and in the yard! Last night, Murph climbed onto the same couch that Mila was on (in slow motion of course), and they coexisted for a few minutes before she moved to the floor. rom what I can tell, Murphy gets reactive towards her only under certain circumstances: 1) at night when he's starting to get tired if she is being pushy and he is in his perceived "den" area; and 2) around very high value treats. So now I'm preventing these situations from occurring all together, and continuing their clicker training. I've also ordered a weighted vest for them both to use to get some extra energy out. I am also much more careful when monitoring his subtle behavioral changes and I separate them if I notice him purposefully ignoring her, or giving her side-eye glances. Baby steps! #burritowrangling

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