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Burrito Wrangling #17

Burrito Wrangling Update # 17: We had a major setback last night. The Burritos got into a skirmish, but everyone is ok. It was my fault for not being perceptive enough to Murph's moods and letting them interact in my office too soon after a routine change. I had been working at night out in my living room and just a few days ago moved back into my office. Things were also exacerbated by my inability to exercise Mila properly (she is getting over kennel cough and my knee is messed up). So we are going back to very limited contact for a while, LOADS of tripe, and I will be much more careful until the Burritos' dad moves here at the end of November and we can go see the veterinary behaviorist In the meantime I'm going to be clicker training them and continuing to take Mila to playcare during the day. I want to make sure that these events don't injure her emotionally in any way. I am SO thankful that I never took Murph to one of those board and train places where they take your dog for a week. What a disaster that would have been. While dominance based training is bad in general, it would have been horrible for an emotional dog with some sort of PTSD like Murph! Thanks everyone for the constant love and support, it means a lot! And of course, much love to our brilliant and patient trainer @blackcanine Train Without Pain #burritowrangling

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